With over 150 selects to choose from, and over 75 million education-related email and postal records available, Unik Education offers:

Where Do the Data Come from?

Our database is a proprietary, white-labeled aggregate of various sources resulting in an exemplary file of over 220million consumer files and over 65million business files. We start with an aggregate set of data, which provides us with the base of hundreds of millions of records (both postal and email) and overlay each record with additional data feeds, to enrich our offering. The data overlay comes from our relationship with over 2,500 partnering sites and networks that help us produce the premier list of best performing responders—with a goal to provide it at the best possible rate.
Are the email data CAN-SPAM Compliant?

Proposed Email lists adhere to all aspects of the Can Spam Act and are 100% compliant with the regulations it sets forth. The following are the main points of the Can Spam Act, which:

  • Prohibits the use of false or misleading headers.
  • Forbids mailing through open relay servers and incorrectly configured mail servers.
  • Outlaws the use of deceptive subject lines.
  • Requires a clear and concise opt-out mechanism within every commercial email for both the advertiser and the list owner. Both the advertiser and the list owner must honor removal requests within 10 days of receipt.
  • Requires the inclusion of a valid physical postal address within every commercial email for both the advertiser and the list owner.
  • A copy of the Can Spam Act can be found at http: www.spamlaws.com

How is the Database cleaned/updated?

The database is updated every 30-days, at which point the DMA Suppression file is applied. All opt-outs are processed/removed from the file in <72 hours. All wireless domains are automatically suppressed.

How can consumer remove their information from the Database?

Every welcome email will have an unsubscribe link. This link will give the recipient the opportunity to decline receiving future email marketing from you. When a customer confirms their email address, a confirmation page will be displayed. Anyone who opts out of the Database is removed from all emarketing products within 72 hours.

What is your privacy policy?

Unik Advertising reserves the right to review and refuse any campaign it deems illicit prior to deployment. Email marketing to our audience is a privilege we cannot abuse. That’s why make great effort to safeguardour members from offending content, and provide them with several modes of opt-out methods. We are 100% CAN SPAM compliant.

How are the data segmented?

We set up our profiles for multi-segment dynamics. Our goal is to provide deep granularity, allowing you to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message – at the right price! The right audience means helping you choose your audience by any number of demographics, including: gender, DOB, city, state, zip code, county, ethnicity, and graduation year, among others!

Other FAQ’s
We want the opt-out solely your info but want a Friendly From that has our name in it. Can we do this?

Yes, this is agreeable. Our standard operating procedure is to utilize our own opt-out information.

Friendly From lines are also standard operating procedure for us.

Do you have a list rental agreement that would need to be signed? If so, please send that over.

We do not have a list rental agreement. Instead, we use Insertion Orders, Estimates and then, once signed and returned to us, we issue an invoice.

Do you have a deliverability guarantee for campaigns?

We guarantee 100% deliverability on email and 96% deliverability on postal campaigns.
How often do you run the following processes on your database? (Or is this upon order output?)

  1. NCOA – every 30 days
  2. CASS– every 30 days
  3. DMAPander file– daily
  4. Prison file– daily
  5. Deceased file–daily
  6. DPV Vacant flag– every 30 days

For more information on how to reach your education-based target audience, please contact us at info@unikadv.com